This letter is to offer support to David Frisch for his candidacy to be the Mayor of Courtenay in the upcoming municipal election. Dave has been a family friend and reliable contractor for me and my family for many years.

Through our personal lives, I have noted the healthy lifestyle and choices that Dave and his family enjoy. His “earth-friendly” decisions are seen daily in what he and his family eat, their lifestyle, the mode of transportation he chooses to use and the topics of conversation that he enjoys exploring. The health and welfare of his family and the world around them is very important and he seems well researched and has excellent knowledge about those choices.

Professionally, Dave has been a superb contractor for the work we have needed done over the years. He is meticulous, fair and knowledgeable in the work performed. His commitment to our needs has been appreciated and important to us. Also, as a fellow businessman, Dave has shown interest and experience in participating in development practice that would encourage a healthier, more vibrant city (of Courtenay). He is well experienced as a successful business person and knows many business people in Courtenay.

I commend Dave for his years on Courtenay’s City Council and I believe he offers many positive ideas and recommendations that the upcoming generations require for a sustainable and lively community. Dave does not want to be a mayor for “status” or “hidden objectives”; he only wants to better the community that he lives in so his family, friends and neighbours all have a better place to live.

Therefore, I strongly support David Frisch in his run for the Mayor of Courtenay.

Ryan William – Comox Valley Real Estate Agent