David-Frisch-Gas-PumpMy vision is for Courtenay to be a city of prosperity; economically, environmentally, and socially. I want Courtenay to continue to attract people who enjoy a gifted environment and strong social networks. This means we need to be leaders and address our climate change challenges through resilient planning and positive changes for our carbon footprint, while fostering a green economy for the future.

Check out last weeks meeting to learn more about Council actions regarding climate change.

Gas Pump Warning Labels #1

Gas Pump Warning Labels #2

Gas Pump Warning Labels #3

Gas Pump Warning Labels – David Frisch

Gas Pump Warning Labels – Hillian

Gas Pump Warning Labels – Theos

Gas Pump Warning Labels – Lennox

Gas Pump Warning Labels – Wells

Gas Pump Warning Labels – Jangula, Eriksson, Frisch

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