When I first read David Frisch’s letter to the editor asking, “…what is it about access to clean water that (these councillors) are opposed to?” I wondered why can’t we have a council full of representatives that, like David, are open minded, inquiring, and seeking what is obviously good for our community. Then I heard that David is running for a seat on Courtenay Council! To say the least I am very pleased to hear that the Courtenay ballot will have at least one clear alternative to the old boys mentality that says council doesn’t need to hear or listen to members of the community; council doesn’t have to do anything but look after themselves and the interests of a few entrenched buddies.

To me the idea of a new, young, person with fresh perspectives and a vision that extends to the kind of world we leave to our children is an idea to celebrate and a campaign to get behind.

I might not always agree with David, but I wholeheartedly support the idea of getting fresh new perspectives on council. To me it seems that for the past three years Courtenay council has sat on its hands, doing almost nothing; certainly noting with vision or commitment to the kind of valley we can enjoy and be proud of. It’s time to have someone on council someone who can say with conviction and commitment: “Together, let’s build a more vibrant and progressive Courtenay!”

I wholeheartedly support David Frisch for Courtenay Council.

Norm Reynolds

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