Separate bike lanes on Willemar Ave

Separated bike lanes are critical on major routes in order to increase travel by bike, which is mandated in the OCP (Click to view the document in PDF format) under Transportation Objectives and Climate Change Targets. Increasing travel by bike is good for the economy...

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Second street sidewalk concerns

Original article from the Comox Valley Record. Posted Jul 13, 2015 at 2:00 PM - Scott Stanfield, Record staff Several area residents would like to retain the sidewalk on the north side of Second Street between Cliffe and Duncan during a street reconstruction project....

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My vision is to build a vibrant and progressive Courtenay that will prosper with growth and preserve the beauty that we all love. Through Downtown densification, investment in a more cost effective transportation plan, clearer economic development options, and housing solutions for people of all means, I know we can be a stronger and more resilient community!

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