Hello Comox Valley!


Thank you for your support in this year’s city elections. It was a busy time engaging with people all over the valley and I’m very much looking forward to working for another four years towards building a strong and resilient community.


I’d like to express my respect for all the candidates who put their names forward and took the time to run in these elections… it’s no small task.


I’d also like to thank the people who supported me and worked for the benefit of my campaign and in the interest of bettering our community! My family, my friends, people who reached out to encourage me, people who took the time to talk to me and share their ideas, hopes, and perspectives; and thank you to everyone who took the time to support democracy by voting.


This election was, in my view, largely about housing, homelessness, mental health, and drug addiction… which is to say it’s mainly about community building! How do we respond to the forces of the world around us - the world economy, senior government policies, evolving social structure, and the natural world to which we are intrinsically connected.


I feel like the solutions all start with more public engagement. Tackling many of our challenges call for long term planning, bold initiatives, and change… which means we need your ongoing support and help as we work to adapt and thrive in these times. So, while much of my work will be to oversee the city running with day to day services, I foresee a lot of work with community groups, not for profits, and developers to come up with new, out of the box, solutions to make sure all our citizen’s have the opportunity to live their best lives.


I also expect much cooperation with the Province of BC and the Gov’t of Canada to build housing and provide support with mental health. Creating long term support for children, young families, and seniors is critical.


In short, there’s lots of work to be done and I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue serving you and excited to see what we can accomplish.




David Frisch (he, him)

Councillor, City of Courtenay

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