This year’s 3rd Annual Elevate the Arts festival has left me both grateful and inspired. It was most certainly a pleasure to be treated to such an amazing collection of music, art, and culture in a family friendly environment and I know it was in large part thanks to the hard work of the organizers, performers and volunteers.

But, it also left me inspired for the future of  Courtenay as a whole. Seeing so many people supporting the festival and enjoying themselves has renewed my belief that Courtenay can be both a beautiful place to live and an economically sustainable community.

I believe that we have the hard working, socially minded people to achieve economic and social prosperity, and all we need to do is provide a framework that encourages innovative, progressive businesses and healthy lifestyles.

I will definitely comment more on these thoughts, but for now…Thank you to Elevate the Arts!Elevate-branding-nodate


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