Now that I’ve been acting as a Courtenay Councillor (hopefully with increasing competency!) for close to three months, people often ask me, “is the job what you expected?”

I’ll tell you what I tell them all, “it’s better!” It appears to me that Courtenay has a council and staff that are capable of, and motivated to, make great changes for the long term benefit of the city. I am impressed with how council is making wise decisions based on facts and with a focus on the future. And it’s high time, too!

We need to consider the needs of our retirees, but also of great importance, we need to consider the needs of our young people and future generations. This requires a more creative approach to resource management and infrastructure investments. It also means that we must start living like social justice, environmental sustainability, and financial responsibility are inextricably connected. This is the job that I was running for, and I’m happy to report that I am joined by others that are equally motivated. Thanks for your support, now let’s get to work.

Here’s a video that speaks to my inspirations… 

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